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Sonntag, Mai 3rd, 2009

New cab to fit one rubber tracked dumper Morooka MST2200VD, Morooka MST1500, Morooka MST2200 . The cabine is new and unused !

Morooka tracked carrier cabine

Morooka tracked carrier cabine

Morooka tracked dumper cabine you can find…

Morooka tracked Dumper MST800VD

Dienstag, Mai 5th, 2009


Model: Mitsubishi 4D34-TE2

4 cylinder, Displacement: 3.9 liter

115 hp / 2,200 rpm

Fuel tank capacity:               27.7 gal


Machine Weight:

13,448 lbs



Max. Carrying Capacity        9,460 lbs

Travel Speed – 1st Gear          5.1 mph

Travel Speed – 2nd Gear        7.5 mph

Gradeability (unloaded)        30 degrees

Ground Pressure                    2.3 psi

Ground Pressure (loaded)     3.8 psi

Morooka MST800VD

Tracked dumper Morooka TCX-3500

Freitag, Mai 22nd, 2009



Make: Deere

Model: 6125HF

Displacement:    12.5 liter

475 hp / 2,200 rpm

Max.Torque:      1600 ft/lbs

Fuel tank capacity:   85 gal


42,000 lbs


Max.Carrying Capacity      35,000 lbs

Travel Speed – 1st Gear     0-3.8 mph

Travel Speed – 2nd Gear   3.8-8 mph v

Gradebility (unloaded)      35 degrees

Ground Pressure                     3.4 psi

Ground Pressure (loaded)   6.5 psi

Morooka TCX3500