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Crawler Dumper Morooka MST600VD/L

Samstag, April 25th, 2009

The Morooka MST600VDL is Morooka’s medium sized machine that is small enough for maneuverability in tight spaces, but yet large enough to reduce the number of trips. Powered by Isuzu engines they provide a nice boost in horsepower over the 300 models.


Isuzu 4JG1T

4 cylinder, Displacement: 3 liter

75 hp / 2,150 rpm

Fuel tank capacity: 22 gal

Machine Weight:

8,800 lbs


Max. Carrying Capacity             7,260 lbs

Travel Speed – 1st Gear              4.7 mph

Travel Speed – 2nd Gear            7.5 mph

Gradeability (unloaded)            30 degrees

Ground Pressure                           2.7 psi

Ground Pressure (unloaded)   3.6 psi


Full Length    15’0″

Full Width    6’5″

Height     7’6″

Length of Dump Bed     7’1″

Wheel Base     96″

Gauge     4’9″

Min. Ground Clearance    14″

Width of Dump Bed     5’7″

Rubber Tracked Dumper Morooka MST2200VD

Samstag, April 25th, 2009
Morooka MST2200VD

Morooka MST2200VD


CAT C9 3126B

6 cylinder, Displacement: 8.8 liter

250 hp / 2,100 rpm

Fuel tank capacity: 63.4 gal

Machine Weight:

29,762 lbs


Max. Carrying Capacity                22,046 lbs

Travel Speed – 1st Gear                 0-5.0 mph

Travel Speed – 2nd Gear               0-7.5 mph

Gradeability (unloaded)               30 degrees

Ground Pressure                         3.1 psi

Ground Pressure (unloaded)      5.7 psi

Dumper Morooka MST300VD

Samstag, April 25th, 2009


Kubota V2203 Diesel

4 cylinder, Displacement: 2.2 liter

46 hp / 2,800 rpm

Max. torque: 32.4 lbs

Fuel tank capacity: 13.7 gal

Machine weight:

5,000 lbs


Max. Loading Capacity            5,000 lbs

Travel Speed – 1nd Gear           3.73 mph

Travel Speed – 2nd Gear           5.59 mph

Gradeability (unloaded)           30 degrees

Ground Pressure                          2.28 psi

Ground Pressure (unloaded)  4.55 psi


Sonntag, Mai 3rd, 2009

Used Komatsu CD 110 R rubber tracked dumper for sale

Komatsu Diesel engine 266HP / 2050-rpm

Displacement 7,2 ltr

Max Torque 1049 Nm

Electrical System 24 Volt

Alternator 33A

Two speed hydrostatic transmision with differential planetary reduction Gears

Speeds max 10 km/h

Undercarriage : Bogie type with rubber track for excellent ride and flotation Track tension is easily adjusted with grease gun

Hydraulic system Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump Hydraulic Pressure.

Operating Weight

Net Weight unloaded 17900Kg

Gross weight Loaded 28980 Kg

Fuel Tank 300 ltr

Track shoe width 800mm

USED Komatsu CD110R Rubber tracked Dumper

USED Komatsu CD110R Rubber tracked Dumper



Sonntag, Mai 3rd, 2009

Used Komatsu Dumper on rubber tracks video

More used rubber tracked dumper you can find on

Morooka tracked Dumper MST800VD

Dienstag, Mai 5th, 2009


Model: Mitsubishi 4D34-TE2

4 cylinder, Displacement: 3.9 liter

115 hp / 2,200 rpm

Fuel tank capacity:               27.7 gal


Machine Weight:

13,448 lbs



Max. Carrying Capacity        9,460 lbs

Travel Speed – 1st Gear          5.1 mph

Travel Speed – 2nd Gear        7.5 mph

Gradeability (unloaded)        30 degrees

Ground Pressure                    2.3 psi

Ground Pressure (loaded)     3.8 psi

Morooka MST800VD