Hitachi Dumper

Hitachi rubber tracked Dumper Video ( Full 360° Rotating Type Rubber Crawler Carrier Hitachi EG110R )

HItachi Construction Machinery main products are hydraulic excavators, ranging from mini excavators up to 780-ton ultra-large face shovels. In addition, HCME markets wheeled loaders, rigid dump trucks, crawler carriers and other products made by HCM Group companies.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe BV has a relatively short history in Europe. With its origins going back to 1968 when Hovers Constructie NV in Tilburg was appointed exclusive importer of Hitachi’s range of construction equipment in Benelux. In the 1970s the company launched a number of crawler cranes designed locally but had appeal throughout the world.

In 1981 the company opened a new parts warehouse, which allowed for the first time that all the machines sold in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 1986 the production partnership between Fiat and Hitachi began with the original plan to build a limited range of Hitachi crawler excavators in Fiat’s factory in San Mauro, Turin, Italy.

In October 1998, Euclid and Hitachi opened a partnership. “A Partnership for a New Millennium” was solidified with Euclid. In March 2001 Hitachi announced that it would terminate the joint venture relationship with Fiat. After the termination of the joint venture in June 2002, HCME pursued an independent strategy in Europe, Africa and the Middle Eas

Hitachi Rubber tracked carrier Dumper

The Hitachi Dumper EG70R and EG110R  is packed with technological edges for operator comfort and environmental protection. The robust cab, proven on
the ZAXIS-3 series, increases safety and operator comfort.The clean engine, complying with the new emission regulations
in the world, allows environmentally friendly operation, without sacrificing mobility and productivity of the machine.

The clean engine, complying with the Emission Regulations Tier 3 and Stage IIIA in the EU, USA and Japan, makes remarkable
emission reduction, including NOx (nitrogen oxide) and PM (particulate matter). The low noise engine and hermetically sealed
cover further reduce noise (down 3 dB(A) from the conventional). Recyclable aluminum radiator.

The cab

The ROPS cab has the robust structure to increase operator safety in the case of tipping accident. For example, the
cab top, when subjected to horizontal force, can withstand 2.5 times the conventional.

The Dump Body

The D-section frame edges, already proven on the Hitachi hydraulic excavators, strengthen the sides of the dump body.
The bottom plates are made of high-tensile steel.

Multi-Function Monitor
With the large multi-function LCD monitor, the operator can read various operating information at a glance. The monitor is
positioned ergonomically for easy reading.

Full 360° Rotation with Good Visibility
A full 360° rotation and increased visibility allow efficient positioning for productive loading and side dumping
on road shoulders

The New Hitachi Dumper Modells:
Crawlwer Dumper Hitachi EG70R, Hitachi EG110R
Rigid Dump Trucks: Hitachi EH100-3, Hitachi EH1700-3, Hitachi EH3500AC2, Hitachi EH4500-2, Hitachi EH5000

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