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Easy work with Morooka crawler dumper
MOROOKA dump carriers are well-made products that can handle all job requirements due to their hydrostatic hydraulic system and specially developed rubber tracks.
The MST dump carriers series ranges from 2.5 to 15 tons loading capacity. The rubber tracks are easy on the soil, but with their excellent traction, can be used for even tough jobs on difficult surfaces.

The hydrostatic transmission allows for economically utilising the full engine’s power. All steering maneuvers can be executed by using only two levers. The two speed ranges can be selected without shifting gears, but by pushing only one button. A clutch or levers to shift gears are not part of the hydrostatic systems.

The rubber tracks are the result of 30 years of joint development from Bridgestone and MOROOKA. The rubber tracks combine the characteristics of a tire equipped vehicle, such as speed and smooth ride, and the good traction of a chain equipped vehicle. Especially on sensitive or muddy and sandy solls, rubber chains are much more durable than steel chains with their many joints.

The carriers main components (engine, hydraulic pumps, drive motors, and steering levers) are easily accessible, allowing for reliability and convenient maintenance.

History and story

In 2008, Morooka Co., Ltd., will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Morooka has manufactured over 75,000 units since 1958. During the past five decades, Morooka has successfully established a position as the leading manufacturer of rubber crawlers which are widely used by many industries worldwide.

The Hydrostatic (H.S.T.) control system was developed for unparalleled ease of operation. The rubber encapsulated, steel reinforced tracks, made possible by joint development with the Bridgestone Corporation, was designed for high reliability and durability. Morooka is an industry leader when it comes to low ground pressure vehicles.

Morooka offers diverse line of equipment, all based on the proprietary HST controlled, rubber-tracked carrier. In addition to the standard line of Morooka models, they have manufactured a wide variety of unique applications, based on their undercarriage technology. While there are too many examples to list in entirety, their equipment has been adapted for use in Antarctica, equatorial rain forests, and even underwater: (One unit was produced for submarine work on the Tokyo Bay Tunnel). In 1998, a special carrier was produced to transport the Emperor of Japan to various winter events at the Nagano Olympics.

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